District 1 Detroit



District 1 Detroit (D1D), at first glance, is a clothing company. Our apparel features high quality threads emblazoned with bold designs that highlight Detroit’s accolades. Our clothes celebrate Detroit’s rich culture of music, cars, sports, and general bad-assery. D1D, on a deeper level, is focused on much more than simply selling clothes. We leverage our profits and relationships in Metro Detroit and beyond to achieve a lofty set of goals aimed at empowering our City’s growth and revitalization.

We’re dedicated to Detroit City. We come from a variety of professional backgrounds ranging from the sales industry, to the creative industry, to national security. The common thread that ties our team together is a sincere love for Detroit. Our aim is to produce quality apparel while simultaneously providing additional financial support for a variety of organizations within Metro Detroit who share our love for the City…organizations who, one way or another, provide a positive foot in the back toward the advancement of Detroit.